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Saturday, June 11, 2011

American Airlines in 2011 : it's ok...

With the formal alliance between BA and American Airlines now allowing codesharing and reciprocality in frequent flyer points, it is now more attractive than ever before for UK based flyers to choose AA. Of course, other OneWorld frequent flyers have long had AA as their option for flying in North America.

Its major upgrade as of late has been improvements to its lounges at Heathrow Terminal 3, but its on board product has been unchanged for sometime. Its long-haul business class is still touted as “new” although it was launched in 2006. Its long haul products are not extraordinary.

The First Class Flagship Suite is a fully flat bed, but with a small entertainment screen that is not competitive.

Business Class is an angled lie flat seat, adequate (and was chosen to maintain seat numbers so AA could still offer enough upgrades to frequent flyers) but increasingly less competitive, not just with Asian and British carriers, but even US ones like United/Continental and Delta. Entertainment only on the longhaul Boeing 777s includes an on-demand system.

In short, it is about time AA got a refresh, at least for economy and first in long haul, and be planning when it should have business class that is competitive.

So what is there?

Long Haul First Class:    

A flash presentation of both long haul first and business classes

Business Class

Focus on angled-lie flat business class

Economy Class

Wifi on domestic US flights

Premium dining on long haul flights

Flagship lounges and Arrival Lounge at London Heathrow

Lounges at London Heathrow


Calist Cullen said...

I love flying first class! Makes traveling so much better.

Barton Wilson said...

These days, airline companies exert so much effort to make sure that the passengers are comfortable and at ease while on flight. That is why they invest on high quality amenities and features. These facilities went through a rigorous process of approval, not only by the airline companies but also by aviation authorities.

(Barton Wilson)