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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Air New Zealand new longhaul - Business Premier

It’s fair to say there is nothing revolutionary about what NZ is planning here. It is essentially the same herringbone configuration, just with some tweaks of the seats. The big leap forward is the catering (described elsewhere).

One of the main criticisms of the NZ (and VS, and to be fair CX and AC) product is the lack of storage space and the inability of passengers to look out of the windows. That hasn’t been addressed, which is presumably because to do so would mean less seats. However, NZ has had substantial success with this product as it is, and it still beats most of its competitors. The story hear is evolution not revolution.

Verdict: An already good product significantly improved with catering upgraded. Not the best in its class, but certainly in the top five. A "B" for the improvement, and it's all about catering.

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